16 June 2024
We show equipment for horse and rider.

We show equipment for horse and rider.

Professional riders do not allow a makeshift when choosing riding equipment. Regardless of whether horse riding is a hobby or a serious sport for us, we should know what equipment will provide us and our horse with safety and comfort. Poor equipment can lead to an accident or injury to the mount. Do you know what equipment is necessary to start your adventure with horse riding?

Rider’s outfit

riding equipmentThe rider responsible for himself and his animal should equip himself with an outfit that will ensure his safety and comfort. The most important is the helmet, on which our safety while riding depends directly. It is his choice should be the most thoughtful, and the helmet must have a certificate.

Breeches, i.e. seamless trousers, will be necessary, thanks to which staying in the saddle will not be a problem. Well-selected breeches make it easier to get the right posture. A riding jacket will also be useful, which should be made of waterproof material and protect against cold. Jackets often have many pockets that are useful for longer rides. The rider’s shoes are usually boots – footwear reaching to the ankle.

Horse equipment

The saddle is the most important element of the horse’s equipment – it provides comfort for us and the horse. His choice should depend mainly on the activity that we plan: a different saddle will be useful for a quiet ride, and another for jumping. The saddle should be designed for a specific animal and adapted to its anatomical structure. The saddle pad is important, made of soft material, which is a saddle pad. It is important to choose stirrups that are attached to the saddle and are used to insert feet while riding. The bridle is a bridle with a strap, thanks to which we can influence the animal’s mouth.

Equestrian events

Getting ready for professional driving, we need to get professional clothing that is not only practical, but also elegant. It is a sport in which presence is important. In the best stores you will find specially designed shirts and sweatshirts, women’s and men’s breeches, embroidered tailcoats, jackets, gloves and other necessary accessories. In the stores you will find a diverse offer for women, men and even underage lovers of this sport.